We are privileged to be a member of United Native Lighthouse Ministries as "the glory house". UNLM is a fellowship of ministries dedicated to promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ native to native on the reservations of the United States. The fellowship is comprised of ministries that are on the reservations and those of us called to and invited into the reservations. Lighthouse refers to the dream-vision given to Pastor Richard Dominguez in which he stood in the dark holding a lantern light up in the air and American Indian people in bad shape would come stumbling into the circle of light. Richard saw himself handing each one a garden tool and showing them how to use it. The person would be made whole and go back out into the darkness to get others who needed to come to the Light. On the basis of that call Richard and his wife Donna started Kish hati wenet [house with a light in Cahuilla language] and from there the fellowship of United Native Lighthouse ministries. UNLM supports and covers First Youth Nations under Henry & Sandy Mena. They have been given open doors all across the nation to bring revival to the youth of the reservations.