Orphanage Missions Trip

Casa Hogar Alcanzando la Vision

By Korky Rogers |  December 24, 2009

 We had the distinct privilege of being a part of supplying Christmas gifts to an orphanage in Tijuana on Saturday December 19.  Our friends and ministers Rosalva & George Sullivan quite frequently travel to Tijuana to minister in rehabilitation centers and usually stop at Casa Hogar Alcanzando la Vision, the orphanage run by Gaby and Victor. They take what supplies and gifts they can.

(Victor & Gaby)
This year Rosalva had been attacked in her health and was unable to organize Christmas giving for the orphanage. Enter our daughter Summer and her friend Leslie. Both girls wanted to do something helpful and good for others; Summer thought of the orphans she had visited with us last year. We contacted Rosalva and were the answer to her prayer of help from the Lord. Summer and Leslie contacted people through word of mouth and e-mail, and spoke to the pastors of their churches AND PRAYED MUCH FOR GOD'S EXTRAORDINARY BLESSING OF AN OUTSTANDING OUTPOURING OF GIVING FOR THESE 27 CHILDREN.

(Leslie Hernandez)

(Summer Rogers and Dena Ralston)

Summer said, "Mom, I just want the kids to get stuff just for fun, not just what they need, BUT WHAT THEY WANT!" And believe me that's exactly what happened! Friends, family, members of Generations and New Covenant churches all gave out of the abundance of their hearts and lives!

(organizing gifts)
The expressions on the kids' faces at Casa as they opened their gifts was beyond what you could imagine! One little guy about 4 years old had told Mom Gaby and Dad Victor that his dream was to be a doctor, imagine his face when one of his gifts was a toy doctor kit! Yea! Another small girl had earnestly prayed in her private time for a doll stroller and doll, guess what she got?! A young man who has been at Casa for several years was praying for 3 years for a Sony play station, guess what a family who chose his name was led to buy for him? I'm sure you have guessed! And the wonderful stories go on for each one of the children - no gift ideas had been given to us so these testimonies of God's wonderful love for each child is so much more precious!

(Future Doctor!)

(Martin with PSP)

We had opportunity as part of our visit to hear some of the testimonies of the children by the children themselves. Not only have they all been abandoned or given away but most were severly abused consistently in some form or another. As you listen you can hardly contain your emotions and what joy they exhibit as they each tell of their personal salvation experience after coming to Casa Hogar Alcanzando la Vision! 

Thank you to each who participated and we will have more opportunities to partner with Rosalva and George in the future!
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