Native American Glory Meetings 09

By Mike Rogers |  January 6, 2010

We have had the distinct pleasure of hosting midweek meetings exclusively for Native Americans and those who minister to them. The meetings are distinctly marked with the Presence of the Holy Spirit as He ministers to each person as we worship and wait in the glory. Then we usually have a time of sharing what we have each seen and heard from the Lord, which is usually followed up with the people ministering to each other with God’s wisdom and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We move into teaching with the main theme being our authority as believers.  Wonderful fellowship around the Word and prayer for people and issues on the reservations;  then ends the official part of the meetings. We have a late night snack and continue to fellowship and enjoy each other’s company!



Currently there are six different reservations represented fairly consistently – Pala, Cahuilla, Pechanga, Morongo, Soboba and Torres-Martinez.

Please join us in praying for our Native American brothers and sisters as they break through spiritual strongholds of the enemy and take back what the enemy has stolen from them; also that the ‘rain’ would fall in due season upon them, which it is due season for them. Pray for each family on these reservations and others you may know to receive the free gift of salvation and be set free from religious bondages.

If you are Native American and would like to join us, please check time and days on our itinerary page or contact us via e-mail or phone for time and directions. We would love to have you!