Mexico Missions Trip

Ensenada, Mexico

By Mike Rogers |  September 11, 2008

There is a woman, Carmen, that Korky and I have known for many years who has been asking us to go minister in Ensenada, Mexico; she is a good friend of one of the pastors there, Pastor Carlos.  I felt in my spirit that the Lord was saying that now was the time for me to go, so Carmen contacted Pastor Carlos  and he set up some meetings for August 22-25, 2008. 
Friday morning a young man, who is Carmen’s driver, picked me up and drove me to Ensenada where I stayed with Pastor Carlos and his family.  Even though I didn’t know any Spanish and Pastor Carlos knew very little English (the rest of his family didn’t know any), their hospitality was awesome! 

So, there I was dropped off in Mexico where communication was a challenge, thankfully at every meeting there was an interpreter at hand! I didn’t know what the Lord wanted me to do there, I didn’t have a message planned, I just had my bible.  God worked with me differently on this trip than He has before.  Most of the time He would give me what scripture/passage to speak on once I arrived at a meeting instead of beforehand.  I am accustomed to being prepared with my notes and messages!  But, it was exciting to operate in a new way and God moved mightily.
My adventure began Friday afternoon when Pastor Carlos took me to a men’s rehabilitation center to speak in their chapel.  God gave me Isaiah 61 to minister on and He healed those men of broken hearts and emotional hurt.  I prayed for deliverance from addictions and people were set free!  The Lord’s anointing was powerful.

Then, Friday night I spoke at Pastor Carlos’ church.  God gave me James 4:7 to teach them about their authority as believers and resisting the devil. 
Saturday morning I went with Pastor Carlos to a pastors prayer meeting.  In attendance were six pastors and a few others from their churches.  We had a great time together.
Sunday morning I spoke at Pastor Carlos’ church again teaching on the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Many were saved and those who were not baptized in the Holy Spirit received.  Praise God!

Sunday night I spoke at Pastor Ernesto’s School of Ministry, sharing from Isaiah 60 - the glory of God’s presence coming to the church.  A strong Presence of God filled the room and anointing for healing and prophecy manifested through me to minister to the people.

Monday morning we had prayer at Pastor Carlos’ church and then my ride came and off we went, ending my trip.  I will not forget this trip, the people I met or the things God did there.
During my time there, I met two other pastors who said when the Lord sends me back they want me to speak in their churches.  One of those pastors asked us to do a week long revival for him! 
Please pray with us that we will know when we are to go again and for God to bring in the funds to do so as it is a self-funded missions trip.