Ensenada Trip January 22-25, 2009

By Mike Rogers |  March 2, 2009

I made another trip to Bethel Church in Loma Linda, Ensenada, Mexico at the request of Pastors Santiago and Rosie January 22-25, 2009.  God was moving with the power of the Holy Spirit in one meeting after another.  I could not keep up with all He was doing in those hungry people! (Father God is looking for hungry people).
Following is a recap of the weekends events:
Thursday night I spoke on the River of God and the river of God filled the place to where it was so deep in the anointing, you could swim! (Ezekiel 47:5).  I saw God doing great things with the people in the River.
Friday morning I spoke at the Men's Rehab center with Pastor Santiago.  I ministered about being set free, even in rehab using Acts 16:25-30.  We prayed for the men to be set free and I could see God moving on those men!
Friday afternoon I asked Pastor Santiago's son Carlos to take me to the city of Ensenada so we could pray for the city.  I believe God is going to do something big there.
Friday evening I ministered to Bethel's praise and worship team on prophetic worship and guarding themselves as a team against the devil trying to divide them.
Saturday morning I ministered on how healing is for us today and many were healed after the Word was given.  No one even had to touch them, God did it all!
That afternoon I spoke on doing the believer's stuff!  How they can pray for the sick, etc.  The Holy Spirit led me to lay hands on Pastor Santiago to impart a "jump start" anointing to do the "stuff", it was a power call.
Saturday evening I ministered on the outpouring of God's Spirit in the last days and revival.  I prophesied over the ministers there - it was another powerful meeting!  Afterward, some of us gathered at the home I was staying at from 11pm until 3am talking and I was able to answer some questions with God's Word, we were full of the Word and God's Spirit!  We realized it was 3am and that I had to preach in a few hours and they had to lead worship as well so it had to end.  But, what a great time!
On Sunday, they had their 10:30am service and I ministered on the transferring of the anointing.  I prayed over approximately 600 napkins to be taken to the sick so they could receive healing.  The anointing was strong and as I think back about what God was doing with the hungry people I think its so awesome!  Everytime I am asked to visit Ensenada and minister I keep saying out of my mouth to Pastor Santiago and his church, "The world will hear of the Ensenada outpouring!"
At about 3pm, we left for a two hour drive south to San Telmo for the 6pm service.  The church at San Telmo is an outreach started by Bethel.  Pastor Santiago's son Carlos and his wife Adaliz are ministering to the Mian Indian people there.  The Holy Spirit had me speak on the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  I didn't know who was saved so I had all of them pray the sinner's prayer.  We also prayed over some napkins for them to take to the sick for healing.
Then, Monday it was back to the U.S..  Glory to our Father God for what HE is doing in Mexico!  We are blessed with the translations that the Lord provides for us for all of the meetings when we go there!