Ensenada Testimony

Bethel Church

March 7, 2009

Below are some testimonies that we received from Bethel Church in Ensenada Mexico.  We wanted to share with all of you so you can see the fruits of what God is doing!
-Dear brothers and family of Bethel:
I send this message to let you know the status of my brother Efrain whom you prayed for against the sickness of cancer.  The last 5 days he's been doing well.  The doctors said that he is getting well very rapidly.  And he sounds peaceful; and with a positive attitude; and is grateful to God, and to all of you who have been praying for him.

The Saturday that I was in the service with you and prophet Mike, I know that God brought me there.  After the preaching, my husband and I went up for prayer, we received a very incredible word about our situation that we were living.  It gave us joy and confirmed our call to ministry that God gave us a long time ago. When brother Mike asked me if I had a brother with cancer, I said "Yes".  Then he started praying and said "I know that God has angels with your brother, but we pray that God sends an angel to stir up the waters.  
Within the week I went to Houston, Texas to see my brother. We talked about various things, and I told him about the crusade; and he said that one night he was in a lot of pain and couldn't sleep, when all of a sudden he felt the presence of someone looking at him.  He looked and it was a person looking at him with a lot of peace.  He didn't speak or smile, but he was there.  And little by little he went away.  So we concluded that this was an angel because brother Mike prayed for an angel to be with him.  And brothers, according to the doctors he will continue with his chemo but, we believe not for too long because we expect a great miracle from God.   And I thank God for you and for those crusades.  That you come here without knowing us, to Ensenada, and  you leave a great message of God in our lives.   
Thank you.  
Brother and sister Samarin.
Testimony for Mike for the annointed handkerchiefs.   (Acts 19-12)
About 1 month ago we annointed 600 handkerchiefs and they were distributed to the believers of our church for their families and their friends, and we have received a lot of testimonies.  Here are some of them:

 A man was working at home and a piece of wood went into one of his eyes.  And they took the handkerchief and put it on his eyes, and the piece of wood came out, stuck to the cloth!
A little girl was sick with a flu and allergies.  We put the handkerchief on her nose and under her pillow.  Next day she woke well and ready to go to school.
A woman who suffered from a mental disorder, one day had an ugly argument with a friend who kicked her out of the house.  Somebody gave her (the lady with mental problem) a handkerchief;  and she put it under her pillow.  The next day she woke up a changed lady. And the friend invited back to the house.
A lady had one of her breasts with some kind of sores and they were oozing a foul smelling liquid.  She put the handkerchief on her breast and she got healed.
A baby had a skin problem and the handkerchief was passed over the baby's skin and the baby was healed.
Just at this moment we just received notice of a little boy in San Telmo who had cancer, and they broght him an annointed handkerchief; and they let us know that the child is healed.-
We praise God Almighty for these testimonies and look forward to sharing more with you soon!