Ensenada Revival 2009

By Mike Rogers |  January 5, 2010

Even with all the bad reports about Mexico’s drug cartel wars and swine flu epidemic, God is moving mightily in Mexico.  October 24, 2009 marked our one year anniversary of ministering at Bethel Church of Loma Linda Ministries, for pastors Santiago and Rosie Samarin. I met Pastor Santiago on August 23, 2008 on my first ministry trip to Mexico to speak at two other churches. Pastor Santiago told me Bethel had been in revival for two months. Each month he was having a guest speaker in. He told me what they needed was help with preaching and teaching to continue with what God was giving them. I did the first meeting for Bethel on October 24, 2008 and have been going back there since. We do three day meetings when we go, Friday night, Saturday -two morning meetings, night meeting and then Sunday service. We have taken six trips in one year. They are so hungry for God’s word and they put it to work. We have seen signs and wonders in those meetings and when we leave they take what we taught and move with the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t stop when we leave!
       (Pastors Santiago and Rosie Samarin)
Korky also did a weekend women’s conference for Pastor Rosie, it was powerfully anointed to set those precious ladies free! Every time we go back, there are a lot of testimonies on the Word of the Lord Korky and I have given the people, because they come to pass. At the women’s conference Korky and I were prophesying over two ladies (sisters) and when we started
(Korky ministering at Women's Conference)
speaking they went down on the floor (no one touched them) laughing. We continued speaking over them. After the meeting on their way home they called our interpreter Luz on her cell phone. They told her that when we were speaking over them they both heard us in Spanish, not Luz, but Korky and I speaking in Spanish to them! They told Luz that’s why they were laughing.  Praise God, that is just like on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2:11. “we hear them speaking in our own tongues”. Pastor Santiago has also been releasing the revival fire in churches he has been speaking at. He told us that twenty other churches he has ministered at are in revival.
Loma Linda Ministries also has a small church in San Telmo, B.C., approximately two hours south of Ensenada. They work with the migrants there and I spoke one Sunday night service - salvation, baptism in the Holy Spirit and healing. Pastor Santiago asked me to go back and do a workshop for the pastors and missionaries (Mexican) on the anointing and revival. Our son David, who is twenty nine, went with me on this trip. We did three sessions on Saturday; each session was a revival in itself. When it came time to minister to them, David was right there with me speaking the Word of the Lord to the people. The Holy Spirit came on a lady in line for prayer that was a witch. No one touched her, just the Holy Spirit. She was delivered and set free.

(First visit to San Telmo church)
That Friday night we ministered at Pastor Ed’s church in Ensenada, Pastor Santiago’s friend. They had the youth come up to be ministered to and I let David go with the Holy Spirit and it was powerful, David had a word for each one of them. The power of God would hit them and down they went. That Sunday we ministered at Bethel church and again David and I ministered the word of the Lord. David had words for the leadership and pastors Santiago and Rosie. I would like to put together a book on all that God has been doing down there just in the time we have been going to Ensenada.

(Our son David ministering)
The Lord gave me a message for Pastor Santiago and Bethel for my last visit there in October 2009. They were experiencing a shaking from the Lord and didn’t understand what was happening. The message was from Haggai 2:6-9. Bethel just like other churches around the world, are being shaken by God wanting them to get rid of what is not of Him. So the glory that is coming on Bethel will be greater than what they have seen God do up till now. A lot of churches won’t see that because they will not let go of what is not of God. Not only sin, but how leadership has set up His church to do things man’s way, not God’s way! But for those who humble themselves, repent, and let the Holy Spirit have His way they will see the Glory of God.

(Our friends at Bethel Church)

God told me He would see Bethel through the shaking by Psalm 91. The other message was that through the shaking, refreshing and restoration of things would come to get them to the place of the great outpouring of God’s Spirit - the Glory of God on Bethel church and going out into the city of Ensenada. The first time at Bethel on Loma Linda Mountain that overlooks Ensenada and the harbor I knew inside of me all the world will hear about the Ensenada outpouring. God visiting a city in Mexico, and they will go there!