Ensenada Holy Spirit Outpouring

Fall 2008

By Korky Rogers |  January 22, 2009

We have been given an outstanding opportunity to be a part of the Holy Spirit’s move in Ensenada, B.C.  In October of 2008, Mike was asked to minister at Bethel Christian Church of Loma Linda by the pastor, Santiago Samarin. What has followed since then is an exciting and wonderful testimony of God pouring out His Spirit in a place! 

Pastor Santiago told us that he had "had it" with church as usual. He told God that he wanted revival and he meant it, that he would get out of God’s way. He told the worship leader of the church to change the music to something new, out with the old stuff.  Then, Pastor Santiago met Mike at another meeting in Ensenada and asked him to come to his church for a weekend of ministering to church leaders as well as the congregation. Mike taught, prophesied and the Holy Spirit demonstrated that weekend!

 Upon our return the following month, we received an avalanche of testimony of the supernatural of God visiting a place from the pastors on through the congregation. Angels seen by the children, spontaneous baptism in the Holy Spirit, singing in the spirit by the music team, prophetic music by musicians who have never prophesied on their instruments before, prophetic words coming forth from people who don’t even know what it is, salvation for people coming in off the street and on and on.

The most wonderful and spectacular event taking place day after day was the Holy Presence of God in the church building and on their property. As a result of being in His glory service after service, lives are being dramatically transformed supernaturally! The glory of God resting and remaining upon the people long hours after they have left the building. And wonder of wonders – the people can hardly wait for church to begin again!!! And all this happening in just a few short weeks.
Pastor Santiago, his wife Rosie, and the members of their leadership team are truly humble people of God, who want nothing more than to be in revival God’s way! Therefore it is happening!  Mike has prophesied that the city of Ensenada will be transformed by this outpouring at Bethel and it is beginning to happen as the church members find themselves being led by the Holy Spirit to pray for policeman at gas stations, restaurants, etc. Ministering to people they meet on the street and inviting them to church, including other ministers in the area.

 Pastor Santiago and Rosie are longtime residents and pastors of Ensenada, thirty-one years, and so are well known and highly respected in the community. They have waited a long time to see this outpouring of God’s Spirit there and it has just barely begun!!!

Please join us in fervent prayer for Baja California and especially the Ensenada area. They are our neighbors to the south from which revival fires will blow up California through the Latino communities, especially among the young!  Pray for us to be able to continue to travel into Baja and other parts of Mexico to help fan and sometimes start the flames of revival and outpouring. We are excited and sober minded at the same time concerning this great opportunity of the Spirit of God.

The pictures cannot begin to convey what’s happening as so much is spontaneously done by the Spirit with no human intervention involved, but please enjoy them anyway!