December 2016 Newsletter

By Mike |  December 5, 2016

On June 3, 2016 MK Rogers Ministries was 9 years old. For over 9 years in this ministry we have seen the Power of Jesus bring the lost into God’s Kingdom. We have seen the power of the Holy Spirit heal and deliver people. We have seen Him heal the brokenhearted and set captives free. People and families restored by God’s grace and His mercy. What a God we serve!

November was a great month of being thankful for what our Father God has done for us. Thanksgiving Day was a time for family and friends coming together to eat together and enjoy each other and thank God for His Goodness. We are so thankful, we want to thank Jesus and you! For your prayers and support, for believing in us and what God has called us to do for His Kingdom. We thank God for the new doors He has opened for us to minister to people. As we had mentioned in our last newsletter our son-in-law and daughter asked us to help them with their two Generations Church campuses in Moreno Valley and Temecula. We have been teaching and training at both campuses and doing some speaking on Sundays. We also teach in their school of ministry. Art Lopez, the leader of the Soboba church of All Nations we helped start in Soboba, is in his first year in the school. We’ve also been teaching special classes for leaders called Spiritual Intensives, teaching on the believer’s authority among other subjects. We are teaching and training at G.C. the same things the Holy Spirit has had us teach on the reservations for the Native people. We also have individual prayer counseling sessions for inner healing and freedom for those who request.

Although we are not consistently ministering on Native American reservations right now we maintain contact with the leaders of both SCN and Kish-Hatiwenet. We are looking forward to and believing for more doors of ministry in native lands to open in 2017!  

On August 22, our good friend Pastor Santiago Samarin of Bethel de Loma Linda Church of Ensenada went to be with Jesus. We had known him and ministered in his church for over 8 years. He had opened doors for us to minister in many other churches in Ensenada, and was a great friend! We miss his presence on this earth. Rosie, Santiago’s widow, now leads the ministry supported by the leadership team Santiago had in place. She is a powerful minister in her own right, and we are praying for her.

Korky had the privilege of ministering at a bi-lingual women’s conference in November, themed “In the Power of the Spirit”.

And now we are in December, the month we celebrate our Savior Jesus’ birthday. A time of giving, ‘for God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son’ because we needed a Savior. Remember to give to those in need during this special giving season!

In 2017 I believe we are going to see our God move mightily. We are going to see His Spirit poured out. An outpouring of the Holy Spirit in churches, cities, neighborhoods. And God’s people moving in the power of the Holy Spirit. That which was promised in Acts 2:17-18 to those who want to be used by Him.

 Have a blessed Christmas and New Year!

Love, Mike and Korky Rogers