Baja California Outpouring

By Korky Rogers |  March 25, 2009

The Lord Jesus is blessing and pouring out His Spirit upon all who are hungry and thirsty for more of heaven’s blessing on the earth and we are blessed to be participants in that outpouring both here at home and internationally. 
Mike and our son David will be heading to Baja CA in April to conduct a leader’s workshop on the Anointing. Pastor Santiago of Bethel Church in Ensenada has more than twenty smaller churches throughout Baja that are now experiencing the same outpouring of the Holy Spirit as his church in Ensenada is due in part to Mike’s impartations and teachings on the Holy Spirit.  
Pastor Santiago’s people are on fire for God and growing rapidly in the Word concerning the Holy Spirit and so hungry for more! They are experiencing the transforming power of the Glory on people’s lives on a daily basis at their jobs, in their neighborhoods, families, friends and city. Their church services have become an experience from the book of Acts and no one wants to leave the building! People are being saved, healed, delivered, restored, filled with the Holy Spirit and the church is being added to throughout Baja! 
We will be taking dry goods to help with their “storehouse” food program – we have taken beans and rice in the past. The cost of traveling there is $200-$300 per trip. We pay a young man who is a professional driver, Spanish speaking and familiar with the roads in Baja and drives a car insured for Baja.
If you are led to sow seed into these trips in any way, please contact us through e-mail or by phone. Contact info is on this website. 
Blessings and thanks!