Arise France Women's Conference

European Ministry

By Korky Rogers |  November 17, 2008

Well I went and came back and I loved it! I traveled with Mary Hudson, Debi Woleck, Debbie Salazar, Carla Patrick, Wanda Willard and our interpreter Valerie Chorel.  Seven of us in France together and then three of us in Belgium for three days. In France we ministered first in Nice – it sits on the Mediterranean Sea and it a beautiful city – we did a women’s conference for Pastors John and Laura Maddan, in their church, Victoire Centre Chretien. Our ministry to the ladies was so warmly received and we were graciously welcomed and cared for by family and staff of the pastors as well as their congregation. I spoke on the ministry of angels to the saints, and Laura confirmed the message by telling us that she would be teaching on angels the next weekend at Rhema France!
Pastor John made sure we got to sight- see around Nice and took us to Monaco, it was fabulous! We ate much, prayed and preached much and walked much and shopped just a little in Nice. Then on to Paris where we shopped much, ate much, preached and prayed more, and walked much more! We learned a little about navigating the metro system in Paris and a lot of what not to do with luggage! We did a women’s conference in Paris also for four Congolese women pastors who combined their prayers and congregations together for the event. It was one of the most outstanding experiences of my life! The worship was out of sight and they danced, danced, danced! I was asked to minister on prayer the first night and the message and prophetic ministry was well received. Although it was a “women’s conference” as we are finding more and more, it is not just women who attend and are ministered to by the Holy Spirit – He seems to attract whosoever is hungry.

In Belgium we ministered for Pastor Bert and Sisi – Sisi is Bulgarian and speaks eight languages, but is just learning both French and English! Amazing woman of God! Pastor Bert has started churches in several locations in Belgium and is quite an evangelist! We did a women’s conference for his church in Brussels put together by Pastor JoJo (Josephine). The first night there were thirteen different nations represented among the women present! Brussels is where the European Union headquarters is located, and talk about a diverse population! And such hunger for more of the things of God among the women of the nations in the churches. (We did have a Belgian waffle dessert the first night, and ate Belgian chocolate, and ate food from several different nations in the three days we were there). I spoke the first night on the dramatic impact of praying prophetically and how quickly change directed by the Holy Spirit can happen!

Diversity of cultures was amazing in the churches – but everywhere the people of God are hungry for more of the Word and Spirit. That factor was common among all the people. The ministry of the Word and gifts of the Spirit that flowed through all the team was truly wonderful! Each member of the team that spoke had just the right message at just the right time. I have received reports from Valerie of the tremendous impact on the lives of the people!

A special thanks to Mary Hudson who has the vision for Arise Women conferences worldwide - for asking me to participate in the fulfilling of that vision to bring Holy Spirit freedom to women around the world!

One last but most important thing - I was given the opportunity to minister to a congregation which meets on Sunday afternoons in a Paris suburb and the Holy Spirit did a great work on the pastor’s heart about change that was needed before their congregation could move forward. He thanked me very gratefully for coming with the exact message they needed at the exact moment in time that it was needed and praised the Lord for sending me from America.  So, I want to thank all of you for your support in prayer and finances for this trip and praise the Lord for you! The people of Europe who were impacted are accredited to you also!